Lighthaus Inc. is about reality design.

We're adding a major new dimension to digital storytelling.  By designing interactive, three-dimensional experiences to convey many kinds of stories -- in education, medicine, and media, we let users absorb information in a way they never have -- by touching, controlling and experiencing it. 

They'll be able to walk on Mars, to explore the bottom of the ocean, or to enter a human cell. With interactive, tablet-based 3D simulations, doctors can offer patients a way to see and understand their own health conditions first-hand: walk through the chambers of the heart and inspect the tiny blood vessels to see the blockages; still hungry for that cheeseburger? Journalists can show readers how fracking works by allowing them to drill and fracture oil wells themselves. And teachers can explain chemical reactions by allowing students to smash atoms together with their fingers.  

This is not game design -- it's reality design.  The goal is to appeal to an array of human senses to more deeply engage the audience: to allow them to absorb important information by seeing, hearing and touching it.
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